Thunderbirds Tuesday Question Lounge 7/15

Ask questions about the game or this week’s subject in the thread and I’ll be answering them in next week’s Thunderbirds Tuesday live show!

Thunderbirds are GO!

A while ago I’d already posted up something about my favorite puppet based disaster rescue show but this is a more thought out post for the blog! Gerry Anderson’s Supermarionation tv show The Thunderbirds was something that I watched a little of as a kid, though I hadn’t watched a lot of the show itself, I’ll never forget the bombastic opening credits.

Growing up in Los Angeles and making monthly trips to the Japanese supermarkets and toy stores, I always noticed how inexplicably popular this 60s British TV show was in Japan. Even to this day, they have Thunderbirds expos and restaurants in Japan that cater to the fans of International Rescue.

Rewatching it now, it is still a very entertaining and retro-as-heck experience that I can heartily recommend. There is a hand-made charm to the show that is a direct result of the skillful marionette technology and practical effects at work. The designs of the characters and vehicles are instantly iconic and hold up well. Basically, I fell in love with the show so ask me anything about The Thunderbirds.

This is an excellent original soundtrack with the more memorable scores from the series.

I would love to try replicating some of these Thunderbirds inspired drinks:

For the time being, try out this THUNDERBIRD cocktail

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