Tiki Tuesday Question Lounge for 4/29

Aloha folks! This is automatically copied to the forums from the blog. Please use this forum post to ask questions about the game! We’ll be on Classic Jawaii for this week’s hangout. The soundtrack of this week’s Tiki Tuesday is the excellent Stereoexotique by the neo Exotica band The Tikiyaki Orchestra. Today I’ll be talking a little bit about Victor “Trader Vic” Bergeron jr. Along with his contemporary (and chief competitor Don the Beachcomber) his restaurants were key embassies for the faux-Polynesian food and drink known as Tiki. Though Don was the first to adopt the Tiki theme, Vic was … Continue reading Tiki Tuesday Question Lounge for 4/29

Jazzpunk Review

Recommended: Yes Once in a while a game comes that you knew nothing about but upon watching/playing any length of you realize you enjoy wholeheartedly. Jazzpunk is that kind of game. A quirky adventure game in the loosest possible terms, this game is not long but for a fan of Airplane, Hot Shots, Get Smart and any number of silly spoofs you will certainly find a lot to love. It’s a difficult thing to recommend a game but to tell people not to watch any of it before playing but that’s exactly what I must do. A lot of the … Continue reading Jazzpunk Review

Tiki Tuesday Question Lounge for 4/22

Aloha E komo mai! Please ask your questions in the thread to be answered during our twitch livestream on the 22nd! Welcome to the South Pacific Polynesian Restaurant This Florida restaurant was a competitor to the Mai Kai (previously showcased) and survived until the mid-1970s. For this week’s album, Annette Funicello’s Hawaiianette! The Mickey Mouse Club alum goes tropical with this great 60s album of Island inspired songs, including the Sherman Brothers written Pineapple Princess. When you visit the excellent Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, one of the songs they have on in the background … Continue reading Tiki Tuesday Question Lounge for 4/22

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Recommended: Yes Captain America: The Winter Soldier was better than it really had any right to be, delivering a satisfying spy thriller and modern action film. Though I am a big fan of Joe Johnston’s work (The Rocketeer is on my top 10 of all time favorite films) the first film felt a bit like it suffered from being overstuffed with foreshadowing for the Avengers, like Iron Man 2 before it. Not super memorable compared to that series of films but with a solid hero, it wasn’t clear how Captain America was going to mesh with a comic universe with … Continue reading Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Tiki Tuesday Question Lounge for 4/15

Crossposted from my blog This is the place to ask questions about RO, or life in general. We answer these questions during the Tiki Tuesday live show at 3pm (on tuesdays) As this is the place to share Tiki culture I thought I’d expand the section to include artwork and other ephemera For this week’s album, this is an incredible collection of rare tracks that touches on the different types of music that you’d find playing at your tiki bar. The Hawaiian songs, Latin Rythmns, and lots of stranger stuff (Pieces of Eight being my favorite track on this collection). … Continue reading Tiki Tuesday Question Lounge for 4/15

Memories of Bahooka

Bahooka: Noun. Translation: Rustic Hut It would be incorrect of me to say that finding the restaurant Bahooka several years ago was solely responsible for my descent into tiki madness, but it wouldn’t be far off. This now defunct tiki bar/restarurant was like a portal backwards in time for me, to an era where you sipped a sweet “umbrella drink” and wore a hawaiian shirt for your night out on the town. Built in the waning years of Tiki, Bahooka nonetheless stood for decades as a living monument to the Faux-Polynesian crazy of the mid 20th century. The architecture, decor, … Continue reading Memories of Bahooka

Sure plays a mean Pinball

Bopped on down to the arts district near Little Tokyo to check out the new Barcade (bar-arcade hybrid) called Eighty Two. In what used to be a little used Japanese language bookstore, a rad as heck arcade now exists! When I went in the afternoon, there were a lot of people there, hanging out, being young and playing games. It was kind of a shock to see an arcade with, you know, people in it. The selection of games was good, evenly divided between video games and pinball which suits me just fine. As far as pinball goes they could … Continue reading Sure plays a mean Pinball

Tiki Tuesday Question Lounge for 4/8

Testing out posting Tiki Tuesday on the CM blog and having it auto-carry the stuff over this way. This will appear on the forums and here on the blog, so you can see it wherever is most convenient for you. This week we have a cocktail from the Legendary Trader Vic Begeron, the Trader Vic Grog This is a pretty simple to make cocktail, with a little juice and two shots of rum. Juice of 1 lemon 1 oz unsweetened pineapple juice 1 oz passion fruit syrup 1 dash Angostura bitters 2 oz dark Jamaican rum Shake with plenty of … Continue reading Tiki Tuesday Question Lounge for 4/8

The Let’s Play experiment

For the past month, Campitor and I have been doing a weekly (originally bi-monthly) Let’s Play on Renewal server. It’s been quite an opportunity to learn and I’m glad at least a few people are watching it. RO can be a bit lonely when you’re just starting out as a novice if you don’t know anyone, so playing with people watching the stream has been a lot of fun. Still getting stuff figured out as far as software, overlays and such that most LPers probably know quite a bit about but we’re getting caught up (slowly). We’ll be doing this … Continue reading The Let’s Play experiment