Maui Monday Community Spotlight for 11/25

Hey there folks! Busy days last week, with more content about to drop on RO1. We’re getting the level cap increase and getting lots of improvements in on Classic. I’m not going to be in on Tuesday, so I’ll be doing the Tiki Tuesday live show on Monday! Please ask your questions in the forum thread. Image of the week————————————————————————— A great Halloween loading screen from Kuci’s thread on the forums. You should read these threads—————————————————————- Zerotigress speculates on what kind of interesting future content could be added to the game in the Expanding RO’s Worlds Thread Zoesensei has a … Continue reading Maui Monday Community Spotlight for 11/25

Tiki Tuesday Community Spotlight for 11/18

If you are viewing this in the Tiki Lounge section of the forums, this is the place to ask your questions for this week and for me to showcase the best stuff from the community last week. Thread of the week: In the “Spill your secrets” thread, players give their tips and tricks for quickly leveling, making potions and other semi-hidden things you can do in the game. Current contests this week: For the writers in our community we have Sapphic’s Wanted Poster contest, where players create a “dead or alive” type poster for monsters in RO. For those who … Continue reading Tiki Tuesday Community Spotlight for 11/18

Maui Monday Livestream

Since we will not be in the office for Veteran’s day next Tuesday, I am posting the Tiki Tuesday thread for you to ask questions today! Community Spotlight: This week the Pumpkin Carving Contest came to an end. This was a lot of fun, with players drawing or carving festive Halloween Pumpkins! I’m announcing the winners here! Digital: LillKraujas Anonymous Traditional Paper Drawing: Facekiller Kamikali Carved Pumpkins Chetchet Ralis Tatihana has started a fun Holiday Pop-Up Card contest where players design (and perhaps mail) fun 3d holiday RO themed cards. Check out the rules and submissions here. We also have … Continue reading Maui Monday Livestream

Tiki Tuesday Community Spotlight for 11/3

Good Monday and Aloha everyone, I know the last few weeks have been rocky but I look forward to answering your questions this Tuesday during our live show. Monday Spotlight on popular community created content Probably the biggest thread this last week was a spirited but mostly civil discussion about Renewal WoE. Big and small guilds gave feedback on the state of our weekly Guild vs Guild event and how they would want to see improvements. The thread is very long, but there are a lot of interesting points being made by players new and old. For the art of … Continue reading Tiki Tuesday Community Spotlight for 11/3