Tiki Tuesday Community Spotlight for 11/3

Good Monday and Aloha everyone, I know the last few weeks have been rocky but I look forward to answering your questions this Tuesday during our live show.

Monday Spotlight on popular community created content

Probably the biggest thread this last week was a spirited but mostly civil discussion about Renewal WoE. Big and small guilds gave feedback on the state of our weekly Guild vs Guild event and how they would want to see improvements. The thread is very long, but there are a lot of interesting points being made by players new and old.

For the art of the week, we had lots of amazing art for Halloween, but this striking piece by Equisce combines RO with the festive decorations of Mexico’s Day of the Dead.


We have a number of events going on for the forums, like this one that Ralis is running. Complete these devious puzzles to earn prizes! We’ll always have the forum or ingame events sticky’d on our main community board so you’ll definitely be able to find a event/contest that suits you.

If you would like to see the WP staff play games for 24+ hours, we have an archive of our Extra Life Stream being uploaded to our youtube channel! Thanks to CM Buttercup, who has been dividing up the massive archive videos and posting them online!

This is probably the only video on the internet that has a “Jimmy Stewart in the world of Diablo” impression.

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