Guide to International Ragnarok Online Local Features!

I want to give a warm welcome to our new friends from the Philippines, and to players from around the world who are playing International Ragnarok Online for the first time. Over the years iRO has developed and added a number of quests, events and improvements that don’t exist on other servers. One of the biggest things that does not exist on other RO services is our Pre-Renewal Classic Loki Server. All iRO Servers [Server]User configurable spam blocker Real Money Transactions (RMT) is illegal on iRO but zeny sellers will still send annoying PMs to users. To combat this, we … Continue reading Guide to International Ragnarok Online Local Features!

[Video]Destination Ragnarok: Hugel

This video was a lot of fun to make. We took a day trip up to the Danish themed town of Solvang. If you’re in California around Santa Barbara, it’s well worth checking out. With the expert editing of Ms Buttercup, the video shows parallels between the Schwartzwald Republic town of Hugel and Solvang. Some notes on the town: The pastry that CM Maridah is eating midway through the video is an aebleskiver. It’s cooked in a special griddle and filled with jam. Lots of businesses in the town close in the early afternoon on weekdays so unless you’re coming … Continue reading [Video]Destination Ragnarok: Hugel

[Updated] pRO Transfer Item Restrictions

Hello there folks, this is a list of items that will not be eligible for being transferred to our new Renewal mechanic server. This list may change based on feedback from pRO, kRO and our own investigation to possibly exploitable items. Items that cannot be transferred to iRO -MVP Cards: if they are carded into an equipment they will be removed but the equipment will not be destroyed. -God items -God item pieces -Sealed cards -Bloody Dead Branch -Cash shop boxes (for example Battle Manual Box, Giant Fly Wing Box, Red Glasses Box, Stat Food boxes) This restriction is in place … Continue reading [Updated] pRO Transfer Item Restrictions

January 6th Tiki Tuesday

When this goes live on the forums, you can ask questions for the RO team and they will be answered during the Tiki Tuesday 3pm PST stream at I had a very nice break, got to do some family road tripping to San Diego and San Francisco, and along the way got to see the northernmost and southernmost Historic Tiki Bars in California. The Tonga Room is located in the basement of a beautiful old hotel on Nob Hill in SF, built out of the hotel’s old pool room. The centerpiece of the restaurant is a large “lagoon” made … Continue reading January 6th Tiki Tuesday

Hanukkah Happy Hour Live Show for 12/16

For this Tuesday’s live show, I’ll be sharing a little bit of holiday tradition that I’ve learned from Jewish friends over the years. One of my interests is Jewish-American culture/food/music of the early 20th century so I picked up a bit through high school and college. This ancient holiday celebrates a successful armed revolt against the Greek Empire, and of the miraculous oil that burned for 8 days and nights. Though not a major holiday on the scale of Passover, it has become a important winter tradition in the United States. It’s celebrated by children with a wooden top (dreidel) … Continue reading Hanukkah Happy Hour Live Show for 12/16