Guide to International Ragnarok Online Local Features!

I want to give a warm welcome to our new friends from the Philippines, and to players from around the world who are playing International Ragnarok Online for the first time. Over the years iRO has developed and added a number of quests, events and improvements that don’t exist on other servers. One of the biggest things that does not exist on other RO services is our Pre-Renewal Classic Loki Server.

All iRO Servers

[Server]User configurable spam blocker

Real Money Transactions (RMT) is illegal on iRO but zeny sellers will still send annoying PMs to users. To combat this, we have a built in spam blocker that you can configure yourself! Check out this handy guide on how to quickly block the spam!

[Server]God Item Trade/Keep Boxes

To combat complicated issues of God Item Ownership disputes or scams, WoE 1 God Items drop in account bound boxes. These boxes can be exchanged with the Godly Item Exchanger in Prontera Castle to turn it into a 30 day “Ephemeral” God item. This can be traded freely but after the 30 days have elapsed return to the NPC where the owner can pick it up again.

[Monthly Event] Town Spotlights

Every month, we have a special event where we give a boost to the experience, drops and spawn amounts of monsters in a particular town. This usually means doubling the exp you get when you kill monsters from that town’s field and dungeon maps. In months where the spotlight is on a town that does not exist on Classic Pre-Renewal, we spotlight a separate town there.

[Subscriber]Primo D’Buffer Free Stat Buffs

As a bonus for VIP subscribers, we have the NPC “Primo D’Buffer” in the Eden Group on Renewal Chaos and in the new Asgard Training Village on Classic Loki. If you are currently subscribed on that account you get a free buff that gives you a +3 increase to your stats.

[Quest]Community Written temporary and permanent quests

Through the years we have had contests and events where members of the community could write or propose quests, which we put into the game.

[Event]Granny Boxter Random item Turn In NPC

This NPC can be found in the Eden Group. She will take items from the most recent random lucky box and give Brownie Points. These Brownie Points can be traded in for additional Lucky Boxes. She updates her list of acceptable items about a week after a new Lucky Box is implemented. This is a way for you to trade in unwanted items from the Lucky Boxes in order to get another chance at an item you might like more!

[Event]Jumping Janeway Leveling Quest

This NPC can be found in the Asgard Training Village on Classic Server and in Izlude on Renewal. She gives a series of quests that will level you to level 70 on Classic and 99 on Renewal, as well as providing consumable supplies and gear that are very useful when you’re getting started out.

Renewal Chaos Server

[Quests]Gramps Turn In Quests

[Quests]Bounty Board Quests

[Subscriber]Overlook Dungeon

[Event]Enriched Hammer

[Server]Level Based Drop Penalty Removed


Pre-Renewal Loki Server

[Community]Classic Foundry Program

[Map]Asgard Training Village

PVE Monster Spawn Improvements

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