Maui Monday Community Spotlight for 11/25

Hey there folks! Busy days last week, with more content about to drop on RO1. We’re getting the level cap increase and getting lots of improvements in on Classic.

I’m not going to be in on Tuesday, so I’ll be doing the Tiki Tuesday live show on Monday! Please ask your questions in the forum thread.

Image of the week—————————————————————————

A great Halloween loading screen from Kuci’s thread on the forums.

You should read these threads—————————————————————-

Zerotigress speculates on what kind of interesting future content could be added to the game in the Expanding RO’s Worlds Thread

Zoesensei has a thread organizing a live reading of A Christmas Carol ingame! Check out the progress and get involved.


Feedback Needed!—————————————————————————–

Improving the Turn In Experience : Post your thoughts on how we can better choose monsters for our Gramps Turn In system!


Get Creative!————————————————————————————

We have multiple contests running this week for all sorts of creative types, so be sure to participate!

Myzery posted a contest for RO Pixel art, if you are a 8 bit warrior you should definitely enter.

If you’re more of a writer, take a look at Sapphic’s Wanted Poster event!


Video of the week——————————————————————————-


This awesome video by RodHazard infuses the theme of Payon with the music of the Andes!

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