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weird al

Ok, as a bit of an aside from Tiki, Trek and all that other fun stuff this week is dedicated to Mr. “Weird Al” Yankovic, perhaps one of the few artists who straight up has a ” ” in their stage name.

He’s made hit albums, had a tv show, a cult classic movie, and has survived 90% of the acts that he’s parodied. I grew up listening to Weird Al and the Beatles, my favorite albums my parents owned. For the album of the week is Weird Al’s EVEN WORSE, the parody of Michael Jackson’s seminal BAD. The album is a good mix of megahits parodies and original songs, though it’s one of the only Al records not to have a polka medley. I still have this record to this day.

Listening to Weird Al’s records and watching his feature film UHF (a classic) warped my mind and is largely responsible for my sense of humor. The image of a squashed Indiana Al fading into a grilling burger is one of the nuttiest transitions I’ve ever been privileged to watch. He’s shaved the mustache and gotten lasik surgery but in my heart he’s still the perm’d bespectacled Al from his early days.

For this week’s recipe, I will just share this. The Twinkie Weiner Sandwich invented for UHF:

Probably recommended that you cook the hot dog first, but like Weird Al himself, this is pretty much the most American thing you could eat. Now that Twinkies(R) have returned to the marketplace you no longer have to seek out black market Twinkie(R) dealers in the bad parts of town.

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