Techno Tuesday Question Lounge for 6/3

Aloha everyone! This is the place to ask questions for Campitor and I to answer during our Tiki Tuesday live show taking place at 3pm on Tuesdays. Please check out previous threads to make sure that you aren’t asking a question that we’ve already covered.

For example: Level cap raise, gunslinger or other upcoming updates are not yet on the radar for iRO just yet. We’ll have news up as soon as we receive more data from kRO’s development team.

Otherwise ask away, if you want to know how we started in the games industry, what kind of things we do on an everyday basis or even ask what kind of things we’re looking forward to seeing at E3, we’ll do our best to answer ‘em.

Album of the week: Mitch Murder’s Burning Chrome. Named for William Gibson’s short story, this is a NewRetroWave that channels the electronic sound of Vangelis and the driving synth beats found in the background music of a lot of 80s films. It’s the perfect music for driving around a neon-lit city or darkened highway at night.

Here’s the spotify link to the full album

For our recipe of the week, look no further than the awesome MST3k inspired cocktails by


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