What is RMT and why you should not do it.

Real-Money Trading, or RMT for short, is the sale of in-game currency, power leveling, items, characters, or other in-game content for real money. Many users have been scammed or suspended and have told us that they did not known that it was an unauthorized practice. We are posting this topic to make clear that the practice of RMT is illegal and why.

RMT detracts from and imbalances the game, promotes cheating, and participating in it will result in a suspension of game account privileges.

We’ve seen them in game and you most likely have too-the shouters in town who advertise for the purchase of in-game currency, services, characters, or items (for example Zeny in RO2) for real world money.

These spammers represent illegal operations responsible for hacking, scamming, botting and countless other activities that hurt our users. Purchasing from these sellers rewards and encourages more illegal activity, more annoying advertisements, more scamming and more victimized users. We know that the majority of our users do not seek to aid and abet those who are actively working to make the game a less fun and fair place to play, but many still remain unaware that RMT is not allowed.

We highly recommend that you NEVER visit these websites as they may put your computer, your passwords and your billing info at risk (i.e. keyloggers, viruses, malware, etc.) for something that is already illegal.

To reiterate: The purchase of any in-game items or currency is not allowed and will result in an account suspension!

Here’s an example of the noxious practice of public chat spam:

(Note: the website URL has been removed from the above screenshot for your safety).

Our team is working diligently to remove these RMT shouters from our games, and root out the illegal operations that supply them.

Users found to have purchased any in-game currency/items from these sellers, will have these benefits removed as your one and only warning. If this purchase should occur a second time, the account will be suspended.

The buying/selling of accounts will result in the immediate suspension of any involved users.

If you hear of any instances of RMT, please report the details immediately to our GM team. You may submit a ticket via our Support website at: http://support.warpportal.com

The purchase of in-game currency/items illegally through RMT will disrupt the economic stability of a game. It also encourages ill-mannered behavior. Please refrain from these types of behavior as they will result in suspension from the game and the loss of the illegally purchased zeny and items.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you continue to enjoy yourselves in-game!
-The Warp Portal Customer Service/GM Team


4 thoughts on “What is RMT and why you should not do it.

  1. if u only sell bad items, a before nerf that items its a good choise

  2. I think it would be a good idea to reward players for reporting RMT when they see it. Not anything big, just a little encouragement to help.

  3. You talk about the illegality, but it was his bad supporte who left the game market destroying, items priced absurdly high, SO THAT I AND MANY FRIENDS BUY ZULIES going to buy because the economy is destroyed ROSE Online or bought with ZULIES real money or we’ll have nothing in the game.