RWC2009 – Yokohama Japan Tournament Day and Last Day

Sorry it took so long to get these up, but the last few days were super busy and Jet Lag is no joke…

The early morning hours were filled with buffet breakfast and a lot of picture taking with other teams.

Tournament Day Part 1 001Tournament Day Part 1 002Tournament Day Part 1 011Tournament Day Part 1 010

In the goody bag the players received at the welcome part among other things was this super cool Happi coats!

Tournament Day Part 1 016

On route to the Yokohama Pacific convention center where the matches were held and some back stage images.

Tournament Day Part 1 013

Tournament Day Part 1 014

Tournament Day Part 1 031

When we arrived at our seats we saw this happy little sign…which no one followed unfortunately.

Tournament Day Part 1 040

Here are the players seated with some of the other competing countries.

Tournament Day Part 1 033

Tournament Day Part 1 038

Eventually the doors were opened and players were allowed to enter slowly.

Tournament Day Part 1 048

Tournament Day Part 1 036

Players were quick to rush to the front of the stage to get the best play for the both the tournament and the musical performance.

Tournament Day Part 1 035

Our beautiful announcers let us know the jam packed schedule for the day. The tournament was scheduled from 9am- 6pm. Wish guest performances from Sphere and Jam Project! Jam Project was also the group who wrote the theme song for RWC 2009.

Tournament Day Part 1 043Tournament Day Part 1 044Tournament Day Part 1 045

And the matches begin!

Team iRO Prepping before their first match with Russia:

Tournament Day Part 2 033

Tournament Day Part 2 036

The First round of matches were as follows:

Germany vs. China
Brazil vs. Taiwan
Russia vs USA
Japan vs Indonesia
Vietnam vs Malaysia
France vs Thailand

Philippines and Korea had a bye and automatically moved to the next round.

The iRO Team fought valiantly for two round losing only 1 champ during the first round and not players during the second. Even thought the overly excited paladin forgot to Sac everyone, the team pulled through victoriously.

Unfortunately i was onstage with the team and was unable to record any of the matches, however Heim was able to capture a few and when he returns he might just upload them for you all.

The second round of matches consisted of the following:

Germany vs. Philippines
Brazil vs. USA
Japan vs Vietnam
Korea vs Thailand
Tournament Day Part 2 039

Brazil put up a good fight but the iRO Team triumphed in the awesome 3 round match, moving them on to the next round.

The semi-final round consisted of:

USA vs. Philippines
Japan vs Thailand

Tournament Day Part 2 047

These round were definitely a crowd pleas er as Team iRO fought the good fight against Philippines. However Team Philippines came out on top.

The final rounds consisted of:

Battle for 1st:  Japan vs. Philippines
Battle for 3rd: USA vs Thailand

Tournament Day Part 2 048

Thailand last years champs gave USA a run for their money in this 2 round match. USA may have come in 4th but the value of the experience of playing the highest caliber of players from around the world is priceless…

Team Japan may have taken the title this year but  Team USA were definitely celebrities not just with the iRO community but with the Filipino community of the pRO forums as well.

Between the first round of matchs and the second a short cos-play pageant was held. Participants were asked on stage and posed for many pictures.

Tournament Day Part 2 024Tournament Day Part 2 026

Tournament Day Part 2 022Tournament Day Part 2 017Tournament Day Part 2 015Tournament Day Part 2 008

and my favorite:

Tournament Day Part 2 006

A few other random images from the convention:

Tournament Day Part 2 002

and a re-creation of Lutie Dungeon!

Tournament Day Part 2 009

Shortly after the end of the tournament the players and staff were invited to the Farewell party, which consisted of tons of food and rewatching of all the matches of the day.

Tournament Day Part 2 061

Tournament Day Part 2 060

But the night was not over then either, no trip to Japan is complete without a visit to the local Karaoke joint! Now i have videos as well but I’m sure jologs would prefer i keep them to myself..(and everyone else in the office)

Tournament Day Part 2 064

We did have fun though :)

Our last day was pretty uneventful, we all decided to wake up really early to grab an early breakfast and just go for a walk around Yokohama. Take in a few last minute sights before boarding our bus to the airport.
Tournament Day Part 2 067

On the bus ride they were kind enough to provide us with Tea and a bento box filled with yummyness!

Tournament Day Part 2 096Tournament Day Part 2 097

And we ended our adventure in the same place we began, the airport. Though we did not take home the title we take home the memories and experience that will make us a better team in years to come.

Tournament Day Part 2 098

Thank you to Yokohama for being such a beautiful place to visit.

And thank you to Team Jologs for doing an amazing job of representing us all at this years RWC.

And don’t forget : PALADIN SACCCCC!  :)


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  1. karaoke night videos are exclusive for Jologs members *wink there’s no such thing as ‘too embarassing’ in this guild im afraid *sigh we get to laugh at our leader tho!

  2. Looks like you guys had fun. We actually go to hear Hastur’s voice, but we never got to see him or Heim. Was that Gravity US president in one of those vids?

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