Dragon Saga ::State of the Game::

Dragon Saga has gone through many changes in the last year and many of these changes have generated a lot of buzz on the forums as well as ingame. We’ve gone through this feedback with a fine-tooth comb and have funneled it and suggestions to our developers to hopefully incorporate into the future updates/plans for Dragon Saga.  With this information(and their current vision of the game) the Developers have sent us a very rough outline of content and Event plans for the first half of the year (through June).
More details of each update/event will come as we draw closer to the release dates.

A few words from our Producer, Vince Kim:

As we welcome spring and its warmer weather, there are some exciting content updates planned for release in the next few months. We have heard the ‘Yawns’ coming from our players over the past few content updates, since the New Origins expansion.  Since the beginning of this year, the developers have been hard at work to bring the ‘Fun’ back into the Dragon Saga gameplay. Big focus has been put on PVP contents and game balance. By this summer, we expect Dragon Saga to look and play like a brand new game. Some of the updates below, you may already have heard of, and some may be new to you. Some will be released very soon, and some may take few months. While we welcome all feedback from our users, we ask, please be nice. If you tell us that we suck, we’re going to ban your account! Well… not really… but let us know why we suck and we’ll try to fix it.   (be constructive!) 

2012 First Half Content and Event Plans

 1.       Easter Event

–  Collect event items by logging into game every day and exchange the event items for equipment and consumables.
–  New riding pets will be available
2.       Lovelove Mode PVP Map(*Name may be changed)

–  New ‘Capture the Flag’ style PVP mode that requires strategy and teamwork to win.
–  Up to 10 players can join 1 match (5v5)
–  Games can be created by the users at any time. Customizable rounds.
–  Increases the participation of support class characters
3.       Community Dungeon

–  Daily dungeon maps that players can enter for in-game rewards
–   Different bosses, rewards, and entrance requirements for each dungeons


 4.       Domination Mode PVP Map

–   New ‘Base Domination’ style team PVP mode
–   Claim neutral domination areas, attack enemy’s domination area, and/or defend your own
–   Win matches by holding more domination points than the opposing team


 5.       Skill Combo Update

–   Use basic skills in combination to trigger Skill Combos
–   Provides more interactive combat style instead of just spamming skills
–   Each classes will have different skill combos
 6.       Class Balance Update

–   Major class skills and stat updates to address PVP imbalance issues.
–  More details regarding the changes will come later


7.       Graphics Update

–  Major updates to how the game looks
–    Brighter and more detailed environment
–   New character combat graphic effects
–   New item and equipment effects


8.       Guild Emporia League

–   Guilds are rewarded points for each Emporia participated
–   Match wins and Emporia holds give bonus points
–   Points are gathered and guilds are ranked
–   Gathered points can be traded in for guild specific items and/or services. (PVP specific equipment, equipment upgrades, etc.)
–   After the end of league season, Guild PVP Tournament is held to decide the champion
–   Tournament qualifications are based on League rankings
–   Season Length (est. 3-4 months)


9.       Player Challenge Event

–  Weekly challenges announced to users for weekly and monthly rewards
–   Open for both new and veteran users
–   Up to 10 different objectives per week


Now keep in mind that this is a rough draft and changes may not be exactly as they are written here, but some things maybe added which do not appear on this list. However we still felt the list was something the community would want to see. MMOs are an ever evolving project, which can change drastically based on the feedback provided by the community. Not everyone’s feedback can be replied to but you can rest assured that it is noticed, and forwarded to the proper channels.

So don’t be afraid to provide feedback, we are always listening.

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9 thoughts on “Dragon Saga ::State of the Game::

  1. I like the idea of new and fresh content, but I don’t play PVP because I don’t like the way the other players behave. It is not my be-all and end-all to kick some other person’s tail, I would rather have fun against a monster that isn’t going to be hurt if they get beaten. Just my opinion, but I’d like to see more things we can do PVE than PVP.

  2. I think there’s already a lot of things to do in PvE. I’d say it’s great that we finally get something new for PvP.

  3. Do whatever you guys want. Just don’t close this game. I love this game and would be devastated if this game is close. Cause I heard lots of high level people are quitting because the highest level is level 80 if I’m not mistaken. And they’re complaining that the game is boring. Nothing for them to do.

  4. I know gravity is probably not going to change f7 back to the way it was with no fatigue. However, during Chocolate Factory f6 and mainly f7, me and a bunch of my friends where having fun again doing f7. Can we have an Easter version of f7?

  5. They need to come up with a solution for the game client’s problems. My game client is messed up and all the solutions they have given me have all failed to fix the client. My main problem isn’t being able to see Item Mall items but not being able to open F6/F7. I know I’m not the only one who is having this problem. A lot of new players to Dragon Saga is having the same problem as well. This problem only stated occurring when i reinstalled the client onto my computer to try and fix a disconnecting problem the game was having. Please fix this problem.

  6. Carmon:”Just my opinion, but I’d like to see more things we can do PVE than PVP.”

    Absolutely agree with this statement. I really wish there was something other than F7 to grind during the mid level 40s because that’s all I think I have to do and I’m not sure if there are any other ways.

    I personally enjoyed Dragonica/ Dragon Saga before because of partying with other people. It’s obvious that there aren’t a lot of people due to the change of company, but it’d be nice if there were decent bonuses when partying with others. I hate soloing all the time.

    I hope there will be something that fixes such pitfalls in Dragon Saga.

  7. F7 problem is sooo true, having fatigue and lvl limits is a bad idea…. because from the state of the game population it becomes a huge drag and boredome to lvl by yourself, it limits players to help each other so instead of getting more people, you loose more…. when they get bored lvling alone theyll probably had enough and quit.., just compare the game population last year and this year…. when the changes are made..

    I also like the idea of capture the flag pvp, but the downfall might be that movement speed class will donimate that one….. which gives Archer class the upper hand

  8. Not sure if anyone has mention it but Emporia war should be more improved to prevent players to ”cheat” by reloggin.

  9. I wonder if this patch will rise the game to a new lv and player will go back in it. But the real question is when this patch is suppose to be alive.

    In the EU server the server is almost totaly empty.

    And the last thing do any one know a small idea of the F8 mode. if is a new remake TD mode or a player vs player TD. i all way wonder about that.

    For the Graphics Update. i wonder if the game will be more unstable cause in the EU server. because right it not playable you cash in 5 min of play.

    May be the renew of the Graphics Update will reprograme all the bug in the graphics systeme.

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