Ragnarok Online 2 Beta Key Giveaway

Being in the Christmas Spirit, we have a gift for our active Ragnarok community. The final week of 2011 is an invite only chance to check out Ragnarok II for our active Ragnarok community.  This is the Final CBT testing session and you are invited to play along with the community in Korea and help stress test and get a sneak peek into Ragnarok II.

Testing starts on Christmas Day (12/25 PST) and will run through 12/29.

We have some helpful guides to get you into the game and help you along the way. You will be playing during the Final CBT testing in Korea, and yes the game and user interface will be in Korean so these will be useful.












































Ragnarok community members that are invited will receive an email with details on how to access and download the game client. Criteria was active RO players who are signed up for the WarpPortal newsletter.

For a more indepth play guide for topics like how to make a character, interact with NPCs and do quests and use the map functions please download the RO2_Playguide.pdf


57 thoughts on “Ragnarok Online 2 Beta Key Giveaway

  1. Downloaded and installed client and active x, clicked “game start” and all I get is this popup message: gravity game starter and need to install the active x. Tried the links from the installed filed gstartersetup and both webpages are in korean, clicked “Game start” on the korean page and got same popup as the english webpage, I assume that is the same message. Logged in korean webpage, sent me to english webpage and back to square 1. Has anyone been able to get in yet? Some help would be great!!

  2. Got it working, had to use explorer instead of chrome, it looks great, didn’t fight much but it felt like RO besides the camera reseting the view after every attack, it was a bit laggy but it could be my pc, I wish I knew some korean to understand more of the menus and dialogue, it’s hard to get into it when I can’t understand anything, thanks for the chance to play it though, can’t wait to play the english version!!

  3. Well that was a great beta, maybe they were testing the website? I never got to actually play the game. Everything on the website was in Korean, I got to download something when prompted in IE, and it did nothing, clicking Game Start never did anything. I downloaded the 3gig installation on the “american” (english) website in the email, installed everything, but all the game shortcut on the desktop did was open my browser on the korean website, asking to log, asking to install a plugin, and doing nothing more.

    Maybe this is a bug? It should be fixed before the final release of the website.

    But yeah seriously that was great <.<;

  4. i have to ask.., to play this game had limit time or not ?

    i have installed , but at 8.00p.m(mlaysian time) i tray to open the game and there open the http://ro2.game.gnjoy.com/
    and at this website many korean language ,but i don’t understand, how to i solve this problem ?

  5. ^LOL Beta ends at 30/12

    Alwyas had time limit, always from ~2-6pm Korea time (GMT+9)…. to log in there u need IE (actually for us out of Korea could’t enter the first two days)…

    A lot of bugs but well… I hope they fix all when release the game….

  6. how do you register now with this new registration process that no longer involve kssn… help please any korean friends…

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