Kick off the Summer with Warpportal’s Memorial Weekend Events!

Greetings folks! It’s time to fire up the charcoal or propane (and propane accessories) and get out the barbeque foods of your choice for Memorial Day Weekend! We’re getting ready to kick off the unofficial start of the summer with a bunch of fun events and promotions on our games!

From 7pm Thursday night 5/21 until 11:59pm Monday 5/25 you’ll get an additional 5% game points when you convert from Warpportal Energy! This will stack with the first conversion bonus of the month if you haven’t already used it.

For players registered through Steam, when you purchase points over $10 you will get an extra 5% bonus!


Warpportal Downtime Compensation Events

On April 29th our network went down, and all of our games here at Warpportal went offline. Working with our IT Team and our Internet Service Provider we found that our issue was with a crucial piece of hardware that connects our servers to the rest of the internet. After an intensive replacement process the connection was re-established in the morning of May 1st.

We cannot thank you enough for your patience with us as we worked to resolve this issue and get the games you love back online.

You, our players, are our Number One priority and we appreciate your continued support. All of our games have come up with compensation packages to help you get back up to speed, make sure you did not miss out on anything and get you back in game!

From all of us here at Warpportal, thanks for hanging in there!


Ragnarok Online 2

If you have logged in sometime in the last 7 Days, you will receive:

  • 7-day Elite Membership Card
  • 7-day Card Album
  • (2) 24hr Master Battle Manual Orders

Additionally from May 18 – 25 we will have a Happy Hour Box week. Players can acquire these boxes by killing monsters within 5 levels of their character. These boxes randomly drop useful items.


Ragnarok Online

If you’ve logged in sometime in the last 7 Days, you will receive:

Any users that logged between the 22nd and the 30th will receive 3 days of free VIP. If you had VIP during that period, you will receive an additional 7 days of VIP. This will be added to the end of your existing subscription.
We will also be running the following game compensation events:

Spooky Machine – Characters who visit the machine can try their luck for free and receive a random prize once per day. Prizes include a new Strawberry In Mouth headgear that has not be available anywhere else!
50% EXP for 1 week (affects all accounts and stacks with VIP bonuses)



If you’ve logged in sometime in the last 7 Days, you will receive:

Additional bonus’ through the weekend:

  • (+70%) Auto Success Chances at Enchanting plus the biggest Reinforcing and Compounding bonuses
  • (+100%) Double Lant, Drops and Exp.
  • All Cash Items with time limits: Expiration times extended for items with longer than 1 hour time limits
  • 7 day Premium Subscription Power-up added

NOTE: Any Basic Subscription users may have to wait until Basic expires for the Premium to take effect


ROSE Online

ROSE Online is back up! Thank you so much for being patient. If you logged in within the last 7 days you will be getting:

  • 7 Days premium service (will be added soon)
  • 3 Additional Free Lucky Spins

Ingame we are running a compensation event:

  • 2X Experience
  • 3X Drop Rate
  • Free Game Arena Energy

These drop from the dungeon and can be earned through the Honor and Valor shops!


Dragon Saga

If you’ve logged in sometime in the last 7 Days, you will receive:

  • An additional week extension of double rate Enchant/Soulcraft.
  • 3X EXP rates during May 1 – May 3

We will also be running the following game compensation event:

World Drop event for Mysterious Buds and Springtime Gasha Box extended for another week with higher drop rates.
Thank you for reading! If you have questions or are looking for more information about our games, please check out the Warpportal Forums and our website.


Ragnarok Online gets a new VIP subscription option!

Added today is a new 7 day VIP plan, available for 200 WPE. As many players have schedules with work or school that make playing accounts all month difficult, or lots of alternate accounts they might not need to have subscribed through the whole month we have this short term plan!

You will see this option available when you log onto Warpportal, Power Up! and go to the VIP Package tab to purchase. Having VIP gives you access to creating the maximum number of characters on your account, get access to VIP dungeons on Renewal Chaos and free buffs!

7 day vip plan


International Ragnarok Online welcomes the Philippines!

Maligayang pagdating sa iRO! For many years one of the most passionate fanbases of RO has been the players from the Philippines, and we are proud to welcome them to International Ragnarok Online!

We are working with LevelUp! to insure a smooth transition process so that pRO players can resume their adventures on our service. Players that Opt-In to have their account data transferred will be brought over in the merger onto a brand new server we are launching. If you don’t want to wait, you can register a Warpportal account right now and start playing on our Chaos Renewal or Classic Loki servers.

New Server

This server will have the same settings as the Renewal Chaos, and the latest updates. The War of Emperium: Training Edition and level 175 expansion will already be built into the server. This server will be open to everyone and will have WoE times that are convenient to pRO’s players.

Opting In

To take part in the merger, you must enter your account information in the pRO Opt-In Page . Once you have choosen your new User ID name, and verified your LevelUp info it will set your character to be moved when the merger happens.

Item Transfer Restrictions

Due to differences in the services and to preserve balance when opening a brand new server, there are a number of items that cannot be transferred between pRO and our new server. These include Unopened cash shop random boxes (you can open these beforehand), God Items, God Item Pieces, MVP and Mini-Boss Cards, Sealed Cards and stat foods.


Joining the Community

Once you have registered a Warpportal account you can log into the forums. We have a very friendly community here and lots of regular forum and ingame events, including weekly events run by the community! Our artist group is also very active, with lots of opportunities to show off RO-inspired creations!

War of Emperium and Maintenance Scheduling

We have maintenance each week Wednesdays 9am-1pm PST (Thursday 1am-5am PHT) to implement updates, fix bugs and to put in new quests and events. We post the notes for each maintenance on our forums.
The new server will have different War of Emperium schedules than Chaos Renewal.

Contacting us

If you run into issues with the game you can contact our Player Experience (GM) Team at Please register a support account which is separate from your Warpportal Login. Registering a support account will allow you to track the progress of your ticket.

Start playing right now!

Players from the Philippines can now register Warpportal and Ragnarok Online accounts and start playing right away! We encourage them to try our Classic Pre-Renewal server if they are having their characters transferred to our new Renewal server.

We are very happy to have new friends, guildmates, PVP rivals, and creators joining us on iRO and will make sure that they feel at home here!