WarpPortal Net Neutrality Statement

Dear WarpPortal Players, Community and Friends,

Over the years we hear time and time again about something called “Net Neutrality”. In the basest of forms, Net Neutrality is “the principle that Internet service providers and governments regulating the Internet should treat all data on the Internet the same, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication.” But also meaning they could affect how you access and play online games.

Ending Net Neutrality isn’t good for us, and it’s not good for you, our players.

We feel strongly that Google’s statement regarding this hits all points perfectly, and here it is below: SOURCE


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is currently considering how to best protect an open Internet, and the stakes are higher than ever.

Our values remain the same: The Internet should be competitive and open.

That’s how it works today and how it has always worked. It’s a level playing field, where new entrants and established players can reach users on an equal footing. If Internet access providers can block some services and cut special deals that prioritize some companies’ content over others, that would threaten the innovation that makes the Internet awesome.

The Internet was designed to empower people.

To get online, you need to use an Internet access provider. But once you’re online, you decide what to do and where to go. Anyone, anywhere can share their opinions freely – and any entrepreneur, big or small, can build, launch and innovate without having to get permission first.

We believe that consumers should continue to enjoy open on-ramps to the Internet.

That means no Internet access provider should block or degrade Internet traffic, nor should they sell ‘fast lanes’ that prioritize particular Internet services over others. These rules should apply regardless of whether you’re accessing the Internet using a cable connection, a wireless service, or any other technology.

Earlier this year, we joined with other Internet companies calling on the FCC to preserve the open Internet, and today people across the Internet are making their voices heard about this important issue.


Thanks, Google. Your eloquence and levelheadedness expresses our sentiments exactly.

– The WarpPortal Team


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