Warpportal October Livestream Schedule

Want to know when and what Warpportal will be Livestreaming on twitch.tv/warpportal for the month of October? Well you have come to the right place!



12 – 1PM PST: Make Stuff Mondays w/ CM Jello Shaker


3- 4PM PST: Tiki Tuesday w/ CM Oda


12 – 1PM PST: Runnin’ Round ROSE w/ CM Dragonlark

5 – 6PM Spookportal Weekly


10 – 11AM PST: Dragon Saga Let’s Play w/ CM Oda

5- 6PM RO2 Spooky Stories


5 – 6PM PST: SpookPortal Weekly


There is something new to watch five days a week on the Warpportal Twitch channel! And if you miss an episode you wanted to watch, it will be uploaded to the Warpportal Youtube to watch later at your leisure!


* This month’s Warpportal Weekly episodes have been taken over by SpookPortal Weekly episodes where the CM’s will be playing spooky games! Normal Warpportal Weekly will return in November!


‘Spook’Portal Weekly October Livestream Event

Hello Everyone!

In the spirit of the spooky season, Warpportal Weekly is being transformed into a more festive Livestream!

‘Spook’portal Weekly will be taking place twice a week, Wednesdays and Fridays from 5 – 6PM PST, starting on October 2nd! The Warpportal CMs and GMs will be playing eight haunting games and then have a round robin finale on October 30th to try and get past 1000 rooms of Spooky Jump Scares!


 ‘Spook’Portal Weekly October Live’scream’ Schedule:

Oct. 2nd: CM Oda w/Bioshock

Oct. 7th: CM Jello Shaker w/ Five Nights at Freddy’s

Oct. 13th: Buttercup w/ Limbo

Oct. 14th: GM G Money Rockstar Billionaire w/ Outlast

Oct. 16th: CM Varitas w/ Requiem and Don’t Starve

Oct 21st: CM Dragonlark w/ Among the Sleep

Oct 23rd: Njoror w/ Dead Space

Oct. 27th: GM AndraSyte w/ Slenderman

Oct. 30th: Round Robin w/Spooky’s House of Jump Scares


Join us starting this Friday, October 2nd @5PM PST on twitch.tv/warpportal . It is going to be…a scream!