WP Downtime Compensation Events

Hello there everyone. This last week has been a pretty eventful one. We had a server move from Sunday to Monday afternoon, as well as an unscheduled hardware downtime late last night at 11/17. To compensate for the downtimes each game will be having events or subscription time added onto affected accounts. For VIP time and item distribution we are working on having these ready to be added on Friday. We greatly appreciate your patience and thank you for your support.

    Compensation event by game:

Event: Double Exp and Lant
3 Day Premium Extension for Requiem accounts with Premium during downtime.
End Date: 11/23/2015 12:00 AM

Ragnarok 2
Event: Dapara EXP buffs, no MP loss, and 3-day VIP for those who played this past week
End Date: Nov 23 – 30, 2015

Ragnarok 1
Event: 3 Day VIP for those who played this month
3 day VIP for all active VIP subscribers as of 11/15
Enriched Hammer

Dragon Saga
Event: 2.5 EXP and we will be giving out Soulcraft Randomizers (5) and Pet Mount Food (10 day) for all players for all players who made an account prior to 11/17/2015.
End Date:11/25/2015 12:00 AM

ROSE Online
Compensation Event:
25% Experience, 2x Drop, 50% Clan Point & Free Game Arena Energy
Start Date: 12:00PM, November 20
End Date: 12:00PM, November 23

We already gave compensation for the planned downtime, this is for the unplanned downtime.
Direct Compensation for accounts logged in from Nov 1 – 18:
All Accounts: 3 Days Premium Service
Existing Premium Users: 3 Additional Days (total of 6)
Direct Compensation Date:
We’ll get this done and added by the end of Nov 20, so it can be enjoyed during the weekend.
Special note: compensated premium service does not start until a player logs in on an account. So this means, your compensation will not run out if you don’t log in for a while once distributed.


Warpportal and Extra Life!


We’re truly excited to be participating in Extra Life again this year #ForTheKids

Starting at 9am PST November 20th we begin our 24-hour stream on Twitch.tv/warpportal standing                           with the Extra Life Organization.

Extra Life 24-Hour Stream Schedule!

Friday November 20th – Saturday November 21st

  • 9am
    • Mario World 3D with CM Buttercup and CM DragonLark
  • 10am
    • Destiny with GM Holden
  • 11am
    • Crypt of the Necro Dancer with CM JelloShaker and Stove
  • 12pm – 2pm
    • DragonSaga with CM DragonLark and GM Tirfing
  • 2pm – 4pm
    • ROSE Online with CM DragonLark and CM Buttercup
  • 4pm – 6pm
    • Ragnarok Online 2 with CM Njoror and CM Varitas
  • 6pm – 8pm
    • Ragnarok Online 1 with CM Oda and Heimdallr
  • 8pm
    • Hearthstone with CM Kraben
  • 9pm
    • Outlast with G MONEY Rockstar Billionaire Esq. III and CM Dragonlark
  • 10pm – Midnight
    • Requiem with CM Varitas and CM DragonLark
  • 12am
    • Vainglory with CM JelloShaker and CM DragonLark
  • 1am
    • Assassin’s Creed Syndicate with CM Oda
  • 2am
    • TBD with CM JelloShaker
  • 3am
    • I Wanna Be the Guy with G MONEY Rockstar Billionaire Esq. III
  • 4am
    • Spooky’s House of Jump Scares with CM DragonLark
  • 5am
    • Fatal Frame: Maden of Black Water with CM Varitas
  • 6am
    • Don’t Starve with CM Varitas
  • 7am
    • Heroes of the Storm with CM DragonLark and GM Novus4war
  • 8am
    • Closing Hour with (delirious) CM DragonLark



YES, PRIZES for your generosity in giving for the kids!!


  • Donating between $5-$49
    • 100 AED
  • Donating between $50-$100
    • 100 AED and Extra-Life Ring


  • Donating between $5-$14
    • 7 Days VIP
  • Donating between $15-49
    • Costume: Leopard Ear Hat
    • 30 days VIP
  • Donating between $50-$99
    • Previous Tier prizes
    • Premium Reset Stone x10
  • Donating $100+
    • Previous Tiers prizes
    • Premium Reset Stone x20


  • Donating between $5-$49
    • 15 Days of VIP
    • X2 Battle Manual
    • X1 Token of Siegfried
  • Donating between $50-$100
    • 30 Days of VIP
    • X3 of the Current Box
    • X2 Battle Manual


  • Donating between $5-$49
    • Bulldog Pet Egg
    • x3 Pet Food (30 days)
    • x20 Enchantment Insurance Scrolls
  • Donating between $50-$99
    • Golden Dragon
    • x3 Mount Food (30 days)
    • Hastur Soul Box
  • Donating $100+
    • Special Car Mount
    • x5 Mount Food (30 days)
    • Hastur Soul Box


  • Donating between $5-$49
    • 30 Day Premium Coin
    • x5 Sigil of Wealth
    • x5 Sigil of Brilliance
    • Arcane Rift Keeper (7 days)
    • Extra Life Shirt
  • Donating between $50-$99
    • 30 Day Premium Coin
    • x10 Sigil of Wealth
    • x10 Sigil of Brilliance
    • Arcane Rift Keeper (30 days)
    • Extra Life Shirt
  • Donating $100+
    • 30 Day Premium Coin
    • x20 Sigil of Wealth
    • x20 Sigil of Brilliance
    • Arcane Rift Keeper (Permanent)
    • Extra Life Shirt

*all prizes are subject to change.


Warpportal Downtime


We apologize for any inconvenience. Our physical servers were moved to a new home over the weekend, which resulted in some downtime that was forewarned on our various game Facebook and Twitter accounts throughout last week.

We are getting the games back up, one at a time. We will keep the community appraised of their status as the day goes on. Please check your games Facebook or Twitter for up to date news.

If you are having account issues that are unrelated to the downtime, please contact our support at https://support.warpportal.com/

We look forward to being back online and playing games with you again soon!!

-The CM Team


Warpportal’s Black Friday Deals are here!


It’s time for the big Black Friday sales this November! You don’t have to wait in any lines or risk getting trampled by holiday deal seekers with our Black Friday and Cyber Monday WP deals. Until December 1st, you get another 10% bonus when converting 2500 or more points from WPE to your game’s currency.

conversion bonus

Ragnarok Online 2

We soon welcome the change into Winter as new events begin and old events end. Come on in and check out our
website to see what’s going on!

Special Sales are going this Black Friday! Don’t miss out on our 50% Off Sales!

Ragnarok Online

We’re Thankful for You, Midgardians!

Black Friday Sales!Ragnarok Online is launching special offers on VIP subscription packages and increased VIP bonuses through the end of the year as well as bringing a bunch of new items to iRO with our Fire Sale Events! From November 26th until December 1st, the Fire Sale NPC will be active in the middle of Prontera by the fountain. She will be offering the Black Friday box during the weekend, and on our Renewal servers, the Cyber Monday box in the beginning of the week.

Even the darkest soul has something to be thankful for…

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday EVERYTHING (November 27th-November 30th) will be on sale! Every Item Mall item will be available at a discount! All point prices will be reduced between 30% and 50%!

Requiem will begin celebrating Thanksgiving with a special holiday event on November 18th after the maintenance. This event will include a mix of new and old content and featrures! It will be active from November 18th to December 2nd.

ROSE Online

Greetings Roserians!

A feast for all Junon is here! Darren, the Mayor of Junon, will be asking all Visitors to come forward and help preapare for this grand food event. To do so, you must give thanks to the many great people who have helped along the way. Visitors who complete this mighty errand will receive a map that shows the laocation of the legendary Turkey Shooter! This weapon holds the power of a thousand turkey cries every time it is used!

This is not a task for the faint of heart, but the courageous will prevail! Steel your hearts heroes, and give thanks for glory! The glory of the Turkey Shooter!

The Festival of Thanks will start on November 13th, 2015 (12:00AM) and ends on December 1st, 2015 (11:59pm). For more information check out our
Event Page!

In addition, the “Help a Noob Out Leveling Event!” is back from 11/20/15 to 11/30/15. Veteran heroes who are level 230 will obtain the glorious item mall skill that allows them to boost their lower leveled friends leveling powers to incredible heights! Take advantage of this fantastic event to help your friends reach maximum level while this event is going on! Check out our
event page for more information!

Dragon Saga

Food, Food, Food Galore!

DragonSaga will celebrate this year’s Thanksgiving with a neat special event that includes tons of special food for everyone!

Can’t wait for your Black Friday deals?! Here’s a sneak peek at some of the items on sale for Dragon Saga!

Pet Food (1 Day): 10 Points
Legendary Skill Reset: 250 Points
Super 60% EXP Package: 250 Points


Warpportal November Livestream Schedule

Here is what’s up for Warpportal Livestreaming on twitch.tv/warpportal for the month of November!


12 – 1PM PST: Make Stuff Mondays w/ CM Jello Shaker


3- 4PM PST: Tiki Tuesday w/ CM Oda


12 – 1PM PST: Runnin’ Round ROSE w/ CM Dragonlark

4- 5PM PST: Retrovember Warpportal Weekly


10 – 11AM PST: Dragon Saga Let’s Play w/ CM Oda

5- 6PM RO2 Livestream w/ CM Varitas


5 – 6PM PST: Harvest Warpportal Weekly


*Please note that Wednesday 11/11/2015 Livestreams will be moved to Tuesday 11/10/2015, so Runnin’ Round ROSE and Retro Warpportal Weekly will be playing at the same time on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. All Livestreams on 11/16/2015 are also subject to be moved to later on in that week. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Keep an eye out later in the month for our special Extra Life Livestream as well!

There is something new to watch five days a week on the Warpportal Twitch channel! And if you miss an episode you wanted to watch, it will be uploaded to the Warpportal Youtube to watch later at your leisure!


* *This month’s Warpportal Weekly theme will be Retro games! We will be playing our favorite ‘old school’ video games. This theme will change up for December!