Major Updates coming to Valor Guard Tactics!


Valor Guard Tactics is getting an Update!

Some of the changes include new heroes!  Our first hero Keith will be unlocked later today after maintenance.  He will be the first to grace your mobile screens with more unlocking in the coming weeks.


Check out Keith’s devastating skill Light of Evil Eye!

We will all also be unlocking a new way to advance your characters through Alchemy Technology.  Once you have mastered the art of Alchemy you can then unlock Partner Tech.  This will allow you to make your heroes even stronger than before!


Utilizing partner tech you can then take your allies’ skills into battle with you creating new and interesting methods of gameplay.

image (12)

With New Heroes and the Alchemy System comes new Ultimate Skills.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates as heroes unlock a world of new possibilities.


Other great changes will be the addition of Guild Boss Challenges, Hero Exchange Events, and even more Passive Link skill Effects!  Log in today and get ready, as we unleash mayhem on Valor Guard Tactics.


Ragnarok M: Eternal Love SEA Server MVP Battle Update!

MVP Battle

We have scheduled server maintenance on March 20th, from 12:00PM to 4:00PM (GMT+7), to process a new update patch. During the maintenance, players will not be able to log into the game. After the maintenance, we will send 2x 「Adventurer Coins」, 2x 「Hot Meal」, and 2x 「Lightning Chain」 as compensation. We apologize for this inconvenience.

The update is as follows:

New Content – “MVP Battle”
A. Event Time: Every Friday night 7:00PM ~ 10:00PM (GMT+7)
B. How to Participate:
* When the event is available, Part Leaders of parties with a ‘Base Level’ of at least 70 can register at Prontera Square. (The entering chance is not limited)
* After entering the instance, your party will have a 10-minute cooldown period where you cannot rematch until you slay an MVP or the instance ends.
* If you leave the instance while not having left your party, you can re-enter the instance by talking with the NPC.
* The amount of MVP and MINIs in the instance is based on the individual parties.
C. Rules:
* During the instance, different party members can attack each other.
* The reward mechanics of MVP and MINI are the same as they are outside.
D. Rewards:
* If your party has won a Boss fight, each party member will receive certain amount of “Honor Proof” and “Mithril Stone” as their rewards, depending on the boss.
* The maximum reward for each event is limited at 4 MVP and 4 MINI.


Ragnarok M – The Cherry Blossom Petal Gift Box Sale! (Global Server)

Ragnarok M – The Cherry Blossom Petal Gift Box is on sale for a limited time only!

Event Date: March 15th – March 31st

Sakura Fall Poring Box

In order to thank all Adventurers for their ongoing support, the Big Cat Coin Store is launching the Cherry Blossom Petal Gift Box! As this is for a limited time only, and is up for the amazing value of 15 Big Cat Coins, it will be limited to 30 items per account.

Gift Box Contents: Mora Coins 12 to 25


Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Global Server Gets Marriage System and More!

ROM Wedding NA

Dear Adventurers,
We have scheduled server maintenance for the 14th of March, from 3:00AM to 6:00AM (US Central Time). We have prepared a brand new update that fixes several bugs within the game. After the server maintenance, we will send: 2 Adventure Coins, 2 Hot meals, and 2 Lightning Chain to all adventurers as a compensation for this disturbance. We apologize for the inconvenience ,and thank you for your understanding!

The update details are as follows:

1. New Big Cat ‘Daily Reward’ System:

The new Daily Reward system features daily rewards for players who log-in and play consecutively. Players may acquire a set of rewards, ranging from: brand new headwear, weapons and equipment, half a month of Premium, or a set of ‘Moon Sakura’s Gift’.
In total, there are 30 monthly rewards. Only one character per account may claim the daily login reward.

2. Max Base Level will increase to 105

3. A new major city, “Sakura City – Amatsu”,

will be available. With this, the related main quests, collectable quests, and NPC, etc… will also be available. For adventurers who are level 95 or above, you will be able to travel to Amatsu through Captain Karoo at Izlude Island.

4. Marriage System

a. Marriage system is now available!
Tip: After finishing the mission from “Miss. Hanako” at Amatsu, you will be available to get married.
b. Wedding Reservations
After this maintenance, players will be able to reserve a wedding date. To do this, go to the new NPC “Miss Happiness” at the Prontera Cathedral while holding hands. The wedding reservation fee will be 2 million Zeny. The available wedding reservation dates will be within the next 14 days, from 8:00AM to midnight, during any given hour which has not yet been scheduled.
Tips: For those adventurers who haven’t finished the “Miss. Hanako” quest, you are still able to check the wedding reservation calendars.
Players will receive the [Wedding Process Manual] after reserving a wedding date. All the ceremony details are listed in the manual.
c. Wedding Process
The steps are as following: Royal Wagon Parade > Friends enter and attend the ceremony > Sacred ritual starts > Happy moment finally arrives > Realm of romantic honeymoon. After finishing all of the steps, you will receive your [Marriage Certificate].
d. Marriage Skills
Married couples will receive some exclusive skills:
- [Miss You], use it to teleport your spouse to your current position.
- [Welcome Home], teleport to the Honeymoon Room
- [Party Buff], increase each other’s Base and Job Exp. receiving by 1%
e. Return the Favor
Married couples will be able to accept the ‘Return the Favor’ quest from “Miss. Hanako”, which unlocks the exclusive Honeymoon Room for that couple.
f. Divorce System
A married couple will be able to apply for divorce at “Miss. Happiness” NPC, with an agreement.
If an individual wishes to force the divorce from their spouse, then they can finish the quest from the Amatsu NPC “Lucy”.

5. New Weekly Event – Oracle Dungeon

Tip: In the Oracle dungeon, adventurers need to challenge Sigmond’s 60 cards. Each card represents certain monsters, critical environments, or mysterious items. Finish the instance after defeating all the monsters.
When all party members are level 60 or above, the party leader can talk to the NPC “Fantasy Circus” at Prontera Square to enter the instance.
- The event may be completed once per week. The event will be reset every Monday at 5am.
  • The rewards are Zeny, Gram Dust, Oracle Dust and Oracle Crystal. Oracle Dust and Oracle Crystal may be used to enchant headwear.
  • Upon completing the event, there is also the possibility of receiving a Poker Album. Open it to receive a random card. (Card will not be unlocked in the Adventure Handbook)

Bug Fix: ‘Quick Purchase’ for slotting and repairing equipment will no longer select gear with a Refinement Level greater than or equal to 7.