Ragnarok M: Eternal Love [SEA] July 24th Expansion 5.0 Patch Notes

Maintenance Notice

24th July Expansion 5.0 Patch Notes
Dear adventurer:

We have scheduled server maintenance on 23rd July, from 21:00 to 24th July 13:00 (GMT+7), to process a new expansion update patch. During the maintenance, players will not be able to log into the game. After the maintenance, we will send a massive reward as compensation. We apologize for this inconvenience.

The update is as follows:
========New Content========
1. Base level will be lv.120, level requirement for being a mentor is now lv.90
2. New Major City – Town of Dead, Niflheim
3. New Classes – Sage, Bard, Dancer
4. New Gameplay – Revenant Boss and World Boss
5. All the major towns in different channels share the same channel
6. New Party system – Player can now do Party request between different channels
7. New Cards craft recipe at King Poring
8. New Difficulties for Oracle Dungeon
9. Added a new favorite item featured in “Bag” panel
10. New Guild Praying Reset Feature
11. New Equipment Stages Upgrade
12. New Assistant system and panel remake
1. Items from EP Premium Cards are now available in “Greedy Chest ”
2. Big Cat Credit Card UI optimization

==========System Optimization==========
1. Optimized Buffs panel display
2. Optimized Aeisr Monument Panel and new build customization feature
3. Pet’s skins will be available for all the same pets once you have unlocked
4. Optimized Auto Skill panel
5. High Frame Rate setting is now available
6. Optimized Adventure Handbook Panel
7. Optimized Cooking Feature, “Chef’s Eagle Eye” is no longer required
8. Optimized Prontera South Gate area and added new contents
9. Optimized Mail Panel
==========New Feature==========
1. Added new pets and pet skins
2. System will now generate some random pet decorations after hatching
3. New Craftable Equipments on Niflheim
4. New Weather feature
5. Higher Maximum level for certain Guild Buildings
6. Big Cat UFO event is now moved to West Gate, event time remains
7. New Prontera and multiple interaction features
==========Game Balance==========
1. Alchemist now has a new Homunculus “Eleanor”, good at dealing damage
2. Balance adjustments for multiple skills

Note: 6v6 Competition & Monster Laboratory will not be available after the maintenance


Ragnarok M: Eternal Love [SEA] EP5.0 Midnight Party, 2nd Server, and BlackPink’s Lisa!


Ragnarok M EP5.0 Midnight party and 2nd server will be released on 24th July!

Hey adventurers! The new sever “Midnight Party” and new expansion 5.0 will be released on 24th July at the same time! As the new server launching, we are going to have a ton of events with tons of rewards for all of the adventurers, the new server and the old server! Lisa from BlackPink, the k-pop group, will be starring in Ragnarok M, to provide a brand new journey of adventure! We will have more events featuring Lisa, please looking forward to our upcoming events!


Ragnarok M’s July Gacha [Starlight Rosa] available today! [SEA & Global]

No photo description available.


Month X Day X

As I was in the courtyard, a girl suddenly appeared in the outskirts. She stood there, calm and quiet in her red dress. I tried to approach her, wanting to ask her where she was from, but as soon as I went towards her she quickly ran away. I tried chasing her, but as I turned a corner back into the courtyard I noticed nobody was in front of me, only the familiar roses resting quietly.

Month X Day X

Once again the girl appeared in the courtyard. Today she came towards me, telling me that she was named Rosa. I heard a loud sound behind me, and when I turned back to talk with Rosa, she ran away again. I told Mr. Owl about everything, but he only said that I was seeing things that couldn’t be there – that I was lost in my own mind. Maybe he is right, I should keep her as my little secret… but she’s so beautiful and unique.

Month X Day X

Rosa has been coming to the courtyard every day. She tries to talk with me, but she has no other memories. She can only remember her name. Seriously, I have never seen such a beautiful girl. Rosa is mysterious and stunning.

I want her to stay here with me … we can both admire the flowers in the courtyard.

Month X Day X

Mr. Owl noticed that my mind has been drifting a lot lately. I must admit, I’m unable to think about anything else. She visits in the middle of the night, being so beautiful. How can I tell her what’s deep in my heart? Just the thought of speaking with her lifts my spirits up, yet makes me so very nervous.

Maybe I should give her a nice gift…


Ragnarok M: Eternal Love [SEA] *NEW Server Pre-Register* Midnight Party!

Midnight Server


Ragnarok M New Server Pre-Register! “Midnight Party” celebration!

“Midnight Party” Pre-Register: https://www.ragnaroketernallove.com/nyy
Welcome back adventurers, new server “Midnight Party” is available soon!

Official Pre-Register is here, let’s click the link above to join this event! Both new and old server will receive the event rewards!

New server “Midnight Party” Pre-Register rewards:

Pre-Registered 20K: 10 Hot Dish, 10 Poring Growth Panacea

Pre-Registered 100K: 300 Adventurer Meat Ball, 500 Eden Coin

Pre-Registered 200K: 10 Guild Gifts, 10 Gold Medal

Pre-Registered 300K: 30 Big Cat Voucher II, 600 Colorful Shell,and “Book of Memory”

Pre-Registered 500K: 30 Big Cat Voucher I, 120 Big Cat Voucher Feast, and”Autumn Poring Badge”


1. Pre-Register rewards will be available for the old server as well!

2. Headwear “Book of Memory” and “Autumn Poring Badge” are new server exclusive.

To the journey we have missed, let’s put down the regression and sail again at new server “Midnight Party”


Ragnarok M: Eternal Love [Global] Ultraman Event!


Ragnarok M X Ultraman


Ragnarok M X Ultraman Crossover event

Event 1: Universe savior “Ultraman” arrival!

During the event, Adventurers can head into Prontera Square to look for the “Ultraman Orb” and accept the quest ”Investigating Universe Monster”.

After finishing each day’s quest, you will receive 3 items of “Ultraman Summon Scroll”, an  “Ultraman Energy Food”, and 20 “Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath”. After finishing the entire mission, you will receive an”Orb Doll Hat Blueprint”

1. The rewards are limited to one character per account.

Event Time: June 10th – August 10th

Event 2: Ultraman Gachapon Costume! Suit up adventurers!

During the event, there will be a Fantasy Generator·Feast at Prontera Square.

Adventurers will be able to draw: “Attack Team Uniform”, “Ultraman Orb”, “Ultraman Zero” with a cost of 30 Big Cat Coins per draw.

Event time: July 11th – August 8th

Event 3: New Dungeon “Earth Crevice”, save the universe with Ultraman!

1. During the event, adventurers are able to party up and enter the “Earth Crevice” at “Ultraman Zero” in Prontera Square.

2. When first clearing this instance each day, you will receive 5 “Gift from Nebula M78”.

Unlock Ultraman series Headwear and costume will receive extra “Gift from Nebula M78” as the rewards:

Unlock 1 Headwear, will receive 1 extra “Gift from Nebula M78”;

Unlock 3 Headwear, will receive 2 extra “Gift from Nebula M78”;

Unlock 5 Headwear, will receive 3 extra “Gift from Nebula M78”;

Unlock 7 Headwear, will receive 4 extra “Gift from Nebula M78”;

Unlock 10 Headwear, will receive 5 extra “Gift from Nebula M78”;

3. Only the first instance of the day will receive its rewards.

4. When finishing the instance, the system will give a rating based on how many monsters have been slayed. The rating rewards will be given based on the highest rating challenge during the event time.

Slay 30 to 59 monsters within the time limit, and you will receive the title of “Planetary Patroller” with 1 “Garrison Candidate Supply Pack” as the reward.

Slay 60 to 89 monsters within the time limit, and you will receive the title of “Stellar Inspector” with 2 “Garrison Candidate Supply Pack” as the reward.

Slay 90 to 119 monsters within the time limit, and you will receive the title of “Alien Observer” with 2 “Active Garrison Supply Pack” as the reward.

Slay more than 120 monsters within the time limit, and you will receive the title of “Nebula Commander” with 3 “Active Garrison Supply Pack” as the reward.

Open up “Gift from Nebula M78” to receive a random amount of “Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath”;

Open up “Garrison Candidate Supply Pack 78” to receive 50 “Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath”;

Obtaining “Active Garrison Supply Pack” will unlock an achievement title “Cosmic Garrison”;

Open【Active Garrison Supply Pack】and receive【Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath】

Tips: The two top rated players will receive the achievement title “Cosmic Garrison”

Event time: July 24th – August 7th

Event 4: “Galaxy Store” will be available for a limited time!

“Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath” can be used at “Galaxy Store” on Prontera Square to exchange “Ultraman Card”, “Monster Card”, or “Monster Avatar”, etc.

Event time: July 10th – August 24th

Event 5: “Ultraman Premium” on sale a for a limited time!

“Ultraman Premium” will be available on B Coin Store for the limited time with the price of 128 Big Cat Coins, with a Pet Mini Eleking as the extra rewards.

Tips: Similar with other EP card, open up will receive an Eleking pet egg, 1000 Eden Coins, etc.

Event Time: July 17th – August 17th

Event 6: “Exclusive Costume” on Auction!

The one and only costume “Ultraman Tiga” will be on Auction on August 2!

Auction time: August 2nd

Event 7: To have a monster as your pet! “Monster Package” available for a limited time!

“Monster’s wish” will be available on B Coin Store for a limited time with the price of 18 Big Cat Coin. (No purchase limit during the event.)

“Monster’s wish”: 2 Cosmic Soup, 50 Ultraman’s Cosmic Breath, Lv.5 Talent Fruit, and M78 Nebula Costume Voucher.

Tips: You can exchange Gomora Pajamas, GUTS WING 1, King Joe Doll Hat, Bemstar Doll Hat, and Baltan Doll Hat with M78 Nebula Costume Voucher

Event Time: July 15th – August 15th