Requiem Kalydo Service Closing November 3rd.

Requiem: Rise of the Reaver will no longer use the Kalydo Web Player starting from November 3rd.


The Kalydo Web Player is what users would use to play Requiem on Facebook or the Webclient.  Because of this change, we are announcing free account transfers from player’s Facebook account to a new WarpPortal account.

For those using Facebook as their main account, simply go to

Step 1

Log in using the Connect with Facebook feature:

Step 2

Create a New Game Account:

Step 3

Select Requiem and fill out the information required within:

Step 4


Once you made a new account. Submit a support ticket for an account transfer:

Step 5


Step 6

Downloaded the Requiem Client HERE

Once you finished downloading, you can play on your new account with your old characters (once the transfer has been completed)


We would like to thank all our fans for playing Requiem through Kalydo. We look forward to seeing all our Facebook and Webclient players back in game!


New RO2 Server Freyja!

The doors are opening to a second world of Ragnarok Online 2! Join players across the globe on our newest server, Freyja, starting October 20th*! Start anew with friends in this new parallel world to Odin opening.

Freyja is scheduled to open on October 20th*.  It will be the same build version of Ragnarok Online 2 as Odin. You can use your same RO2 account to play on this new server. No need to make a new account! There will be no account transfers or mergers from Odin to Freyja. All players will start fresh together!

Experience a new Rune-Midgarts ready to be explored with other players soon!

*Date is subject to change.


Welcome RO2 SEA Players!


WarpPortal welcomes SEA region players of Ragnarok 2!

We are excited to have players from South East Asia joining us on our international server, Odin. The community of Ragnarok Online 2 continues to grow in exciting ways with the addition of new players!

We hope you will quickly create bonds of friendship that span the globe! Visit our token information page here to find out more about binding your account from Asiasoft/Playpark with us:

If you have not received your token from Playpark yet, follow this link:

Please note: WarpPortal can not generate tokens, change email accounts, or retrieve Playpark account information. If you need help with any of these issues, contact Playpark directly for assistance:

Asiasoft’s server will close on October 9th. The account merger on to Odin is currently scheduled for October 13th, 2014. This date is subject to change.

At this time, players will be allowed to take over 100,000 Zeny per character.
Your items will remain but will be account bound to your character. These items will not be able to be traded, but they can be sold to an NPC or destroyed.
Select items may also be limited in number, removed, or otherwise restricted to preserve the economy in game.
Naming collisions will be resolved.



Extra Life 2014! Play Games, Heal Kids. – Give and Get Rewarded!


What is going on WarpPortal Players! It’s that time again to heal kids by playing games. How, you may ask? With the wonderful Charity: Extra Life! Extra Life is a 24 hour gaming marathon which donates the raised money to a local Children’s Hospital! In the case of WarpPortal, we will be donating the money earned to CHOC Children’s Hospital. Here is your chance to help children in need and get REWARDED for it!
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