Extra Life 2014! Play Games, Heal Kids. – Give and Get Rewarded!


What is going on WarpPortal Players! It’s that time again to heal kids by playing games. How, you may ask? With the wonderful Charity: Extra Life! Extra Life is a 24 hour gaming marathon which donates the raised money to a local Children’s Hospital! In the case of WarpPortal, we will be donating the money earned to CHOC Children’s Hospital. Here is your chance to help children in need and get REWARDED for it!
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August Valkyrie Uprising Field Boss Event!

Ragnarok Online : Valkyrie Uprising players can face off against new field bosses in game starting 7/30!  All throughout August, players will get a chance to party with others to defeat newly added field bosses while earning prizes!

Field Boss Calender

Boss appearance times: Midnight, Noon, 6pm, 8pm and 11pm PST
A poring mercenary is awarded to players after defeating a field boss. Kill all 8 bosses and earn extra prizes based on your level!
This event runs until August 31st so enjoy the hunt, ROVU players!



Valkyrie Uprising Mercenary Battle Event!

Ragnarok Online: Valkyrie Uprising players can now join in the Mercenary Battle Challenge Event!
Top scoring players will win great prizes by pitting their top mercenaries against others! Show your skill and fight for the top of your server’s charts!


Each week, prizes will be awarded to the top 5, 10, and 20 players on each server. You could win:
15 Diamonds (Top 5 rank)
10 Diamonds (Top 10 rank)
5 Diamonds (Top 20 Rank)

The first award period ends 7/23 and repeats each week until August 20th.
Now, go show your skill and pit your best mercenaries against others in battle!


Ragnarok Online 180 day VIP+Points Flash Sale

Subscription and Kafra points go together like mustard on a summertime hotdog!

We’re offering a limited time package that includes a large package of VIP time and lots of bonus Kafra Points! Only purchasable once per account, this package is like buying 3350 points and getting 180 days of VIP as a bonus! This discounted points+VIP plan is only available between July 17 and July 31st.

You can find the plan when you log into Warpportal.com and Power Up your RO account!


Openbucks Payment Option Available!


We have an exciting new option available for users in the United States that will let you pay on our site with a variety of Gift Cards! Say you receive a gift card and don’t intend to use it at that shop or restaurant or do not have a credit card. Openbucks allows you to pay with the following retailer’s game cards and more on Warpportal’s site:

-Circle K®
-Sports Authority®

To add points using this option:

Step 1:
Log into Warpportal and select POWER UP

Step 2:
Select the Ultimatepay option, select the amount of Warpportal Energy you want and hit PLACE ORDER.

Step 3:
Click the 7 more choices! Tab.

Step 4:
Select this option
Click this button

Step 5:

Feel free to check out their FAQ