Black Friday Point Explosion! (11/26~11/30)


Until December 1, enjoy a Special 20% bonus on your 1st point conversion when you convert WP Energy to game points! This promotion applies to all PC games WarpPortal wide!

Starting 11/26/2014 at noon PST and running through 11/30/2014, qualify for an extra 20% point bonus on your first purchase in this promotional period.


How does it work? Add 20% to the bonus percentage tier your conversion earns normally.

1,000 ~ 2,499 WP + 10% Game Point Bonus +20% Black Friday Point Explosion

2,500~4,999 WP + 15% Game Point Bonus +20% Black Friday Point Explosion

5000 +  WP + 20% Game Point Bonus +20% Black Friday Point Explosion


If you convert 3,000 WP to the game of your choice during this promotion, you’ll receive a total of 4,050 points in game currency.
Convert 5,000 WP and receive 9,000 in game! That’s an additional 2,000 points to use!

The additional 20% bonus will apply to your first purchase in this promotional period only.

*Point promotion does not apply to Steam


Stock up now while our Black Friday sales are ongoing and save big WarpPortal wide!


Bind your RO2 SEA Account to Warpportal


If you have not yet bound your RO2 SEA account token to a warpportal account, please use this tool to register your character data with us:


Asiasoft has ceased the distribution of tokens to RO2 players. If you did not request a token from Asiasoft before they closed this service but wish to migrate your account, contact our customer support:

Customer support will need to verify your ownership of the account.

Please provide as much of the following information about your SEA account as possible:

Character Names

Character Levels

Character Jobs and Classes
Screenshots of your characters from before the merger

Specific items you have in your inventory

Gear equipped to your character


Customer support will have follow up questions for you to confirm that an account belongs to you, so please provide as much proof of account ownership to them as possible.


Extra Life – 24 Hour Live-Stream Completed and MUCH SUCCESS!!!

Wow! Much giving. So generous. Very thanks.

Much Happy.

Much Happy.

The WarpPortal participation with Extra Life 2014 was successful! We by far passed our original goal of $1,200 and so set a new goal of $4,000 – which we crushed during the stream!

Thank you everyone that tuned in to the stream, participated in chat, became a team member, DONATED, and supported us through this event of giving. We are so incredibly honored.

We raised $4,020 dollars #ForTheKids of Choc Hospital!! That is amazing! 

In-game rewards are in-coming this week!

Today was the last day we would be accepting IGNs for game rewards if you donated. If you did not put your game, character name and server on your donation, please email with that information so we can verify your donation. You can STILL DONATE until the end of 2014 if you want to out of the kindness of your heart, but no in-game rewards will be sent. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you thank you thank you for donating to this cause and supporting

-CM Buttercup


Requiem Kalydo Service Closing November 3rd.

Requiem: Rise of the Reaver will no longer use the Kalydo Web Player starting from November 3rd.


The Kalydo Web Player is what users would use to play Requiem on Facebook or the Webclient.  Because of this change, we are announcing free account transfers from player’s Facebook account to a new WarpPortal account.

For those using Facebook as their main account, simply go to

Step 1

Log in using the Connect with Facebook feature:

Step 2

Create a New Game Account:

Step 3

Select Requiem and fill out the information required within:

Step 4


Once you made a new account. Submit a support ticket for an account transfer:

Step 5


Step 6

Downloaded the Requiem Client HERE

Once you finished downloading, you can play on your new account with your old characters (once the transfer has been completed)


We would like to thank all our fans for playing Requiem through Kalydo. We look forward to seeing all our Facebook and Webclient players back in game!